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No part of this publication may be reproduced, translated, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission from the publisher. Fees are subject to change. Aleppo alab by J. Labib, R.

Algiers al-Djaz ir by R. Amman Amm n by G. Ankara An ara by F. Baghdad Baghd d by A. Dunlop, A. Basra al-Ba ra by Ch. Beirut Bayr t by N. Bijapur B djap r by A. Bukhara Bukh r by W. Cairo al- hira, Mi r by A. Wensinck, J. Jomier, J. Rogers, C. Becker, J. Cordova al- ur uba by C. Dacca 0 Dh k by A. Damascus Dimash by N. Delhi Dihl by J. Dir iyya al-Dir iyya by G. Ter rasse. Ghazna Ghazna by C. Haifa ayf by Ed. Hamadan Hamadh n by R. Herat Har t by R. Homs im by N. Hyderabad aydar b d by J. Isfahan I fah n by A. Istanbul al- us an niyya, Istanbul by J. Mordtmann, H. Izmir Izm r by S. Jedda Djudda by R.

Jerusalem al- uds by S. Kabul K bul by C. Kairouan al- ayraw n by M. Kandahar andah r by C. Kano by M. Karbala Karbal by E. Kashghar K shghar by W. Kazan z n by W. Khiva Kh wa by W. Kirman Kirm n by A. Konya onya by Cl. Lahore L hawr by P. Andre ws. Malacca by Barbara Watson Andaya. Marrakesh Marr kush by P. Mashhad Mashhad by M. Massawa Ma awwa by. Mecca Makka by W. Watt, A. Wensinck, C. Medina al-Mad na by W. Merv Marw al-Sh hidj n by A. Mogadishu Ma dish by G. Mostar by M.


Mosul al-Maw il by E. Honigmann, C. Muscat Mas a by J. Najaf al-Nadjaf by E. Nishapur N sh p r by E. Palermo Balarm by F. Palmyra Tadmur by C. Peshawar Pesh war by C. Qazvin azw n by A. Rabat Rib t al-Fat by E. Raqqa al-Ra a by M. Ray al-Rayy by V. Riyadh al-Riy by C. Samarqand Samar and by H. Schaeder, C. Sanaa an by G. Sarajevo by A. Seville al-Ishb liyya by J. Shiraz Sh r z by A. Sokoto by D. Tabriz Tabr z by V. Minorsky, C. Tashkent Tashkent by W.

Barthold, C. Tehran ihr n by C. Bosworth, V. Minorsky, J. Timbuktu by J. Trebizond Tar bzun by S. Tripoli, in Lebanon ar bulus al-Sh m by F. Buhl, C. Tripoli, in Libya ar bulus al-Gharb by V. Christides, G. Oman, R. Tunis T nis by P. Wasit W si by M. Yazd by A. Zanzibar Zandjib r by G. Numismatic Chronicle. Revue Africaine. Revue du Monde Musulman. Studia Islamica. Sitzungsberichte der Wiener Akademie der Wissenschaften. Die Welt des Islams. The importance of the town and city in the development of Islamic civilisation hardly needs elaboration here.

The late, lamented Samuel Stern remarked nearly forty years ago that this was already a commonplace, and not a very meaningful one either, given that most civilisations that have existed have been urban ones anyway. It is nevertheless true that, from the time of the establishment of the am r , the armed camps of the Arab warriors in places like Iraq and Egypt, Islam has been a religion with a strong urban orientation.

An assumption took shape that, whilst rural peoples or desert anchorites could indeed be faithful Muslims, the good Islamic life could best be lived in an urban community where as an obvious manifestion of group solidarity the faithful could gather in a congregational mosque for Friday worship.

Much has been written on the post-conquest development of the Islamic city. There is its continuity in sites with pre-Islamic urban settlements, from such disparate regions as Syria and Egypt of Classical Antiquity and Yemen of ancient South Arabian civilisation, and there is a continuity with the ancient world in public institutions like markets and baths. But there are differences in spatial development; admittedly, the Islamic city has a core of religio-public and communal buildings, as in the Classical world, but its residential areas stretch outwards to the periphery in a less planned, often apparently higgledy-piggledy, pattern, with a network of enclosed, private, blind alleys, often gated for defence.

Nor can one posit for it a juridical and political basis, as with its Greco-Roman and Byzantine predecessors though such a basis was in any case not to be found in the cities of e. Nor is there any kind of urban autonomy from the central power when that power is strong and able to enforce its control; it tends to be in times of loosened authority that we nd rebellions against governors or outbreaks of internal, sectarian and factional violence.

This is not the place for examining such factors, but, for those wishing to explore the mechanisms and motivations of the Islamic city, there is ample literature. In English one might cite I. Lapidus ed. Hourani and S. Stern eds. A colloquium , Oxford ; R. Serjeant ed. It is agreed by both academics and the general public, indeed, all those concerned with Islam as a faith and with the Islamic world as a historical entity, that the new, second edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam is an immense work of erudition, the culmination of the achievements of twentieth-century scienti c scholar- ship in Islamic studies.

However, the compilation and publication of indices on such things as proper names and place names, and on subjects and technical terms, etc. It also seemed to me that such a work would be more user-friendly if the various cities to be included were listed under their familiar English forms. The planning and the publication by fascicules of the EI 2 extended over a a period of some fty-seven years, and this has meant that articles on cities near the beginning of the alphabet were commissioned and written up to fty years or more ago.

Articles on cities whose names come in the latter part of the alphabet have been written recently, and have often required little more than the updating of population gures. But the majority of articles have needed supplementation, and this I, as Editor, have endeavoured to do. It seems that, when the EI 2 was rst planned, authors were not always allocated suitable space for their subject, and these constraints inevitably led to articles not up to modern standards.

Hence I have tried to expand such articles and give them a reasonable size and coverage, and where my own contribution has been, to my mind at least, sub- stantial, in the list of articles I have added my own name to that of the existing author or authors.

But of course, it has not been possible to achieve exact parity of treatment for the various cities. In any case, it is unlikely that persons would agree on the relative historical signi cance or insigni cance of these places; and if agreement were ever to be reached on this, a totally new book would have to be composed. The actual choice of cities for inclusion in this book has inevitably been a personal one, but it is hoped that a reasonable geographical spread has been achieved.

It has also seemed appropriate to include cities like Cordova, Seville and Palermo which made signi cant contributions to Islamic culture even if their Islamic nature was gradually attentuated after they had been regained for Christendom. The bibliographies in the original articles of the EI 2 varied considerably. In general, I have retained a listing of primary sources only for some of the most historically signi cant cities of the Islamic heartlands, where it seemed useful to give the reader a conspectus of what sort of rst hand materials the composition of the article rested upon, but even here I have endeavoured to give prominence to translations of texts, where these are available.

Within the listing of secondary sources, I have tried to concentrate on those in familiar Western European languages, although this had not always been easy; thus it is hard to nd literature on the older history of Kazan that is not in Russian, or on Sarajevo that is not in Serbo-Croat. The actual work of updating the articles and the bibliographies, and especially those written some decades ago, has been done by myself from my own knowledge of the eld and relevant sources, and from standard.

Isabella Gerritsen who has trawled through works like the Index islamicus and has used electronic information sources for titles useful in updating the bibliographies. Post scriptum. The present book had reached the proof stage when there appeared Cities of the Middle East and North Africa. A historical encyclopedia , ed.

Michael R. Dumper and Bruce E. Through the kindness of Dr Dumper I was able to have a copy of their book on its immediate publication. This is a richly documented and de- tailed work, which covers a hundred cities and only partly overlaps with the present volume, The area of its concentration is, as the title implies, the Middle East and North Africa, essentially the Arab heartlands, with less detailed coverage of the Sahara region, the Horn of Africa and East Africa within the African continent, and of Turkey, Iran, western Afghanistan and the Uzbekistan Republic within Western Asia.

The time scale is also different; Ancient Near Eastern cities like Byblos, Ebla, Ugarit and Ur are included, but at the other end of the time spectrum there are included cities like Dammam, Kuwait, Manama, Nouakchott and Tel Aviv, which may have existed very modestly for some time but have only acquired the status of cities and international signi cance in the modern age. The scope and the aims and approaches of the two books are thus distinctly different, and they may be taken as complementing each other rather than as ploughing the same ground. It is the administrative centre of a District and Division of the same name.

The population census is 1,,, includ- ing a considerable minority of Muslims. Agra was for long the residence of the Mughal Emperors and is especially famed for the monuments of Mughal architecture there, most notably the T j Ma all see II. Little is known about the early history of Agra, but there is no doubt it was founded long before the Muslim invasions of India. The rst reference to the city, and to an ancient fortress in it, is contained in a qa a written in praise of the Ghaznavid prince Ma m d b.

Ibr h m by the poet Mas d b. Salm n d. The town was ruled by R jp t chiefs, who, upon making their submission to the Sultanate of Delhi, were allowed to keep their control over it, under the overall command of the governor of Biy na province. The place quickly gained in importance and attracted scholars and learned men from many parts of the. Muslim world. Commanding routes to Gwalior and M lwa in the south, R jp t na in the west, Delhi and the Panj b in the north-west, and the plain of the Ganges in the east, it soon became a strategic and trading centre.

In addi- tion to building his palace of Ch rb gh, B bur laid out a number of gardens in the city and constructed many baths. His nobles followed his example, and a considerable portion of the old city was levelled down. In the latter year he returned to Agra. Like his father, Sh h Jah n also ascended the throne at Agra, but had to leave for the Deccan in the following year. Thereafter, he lived mostly at Delhi, where he built the new city of Sh hjah n b d. The name of Agra was also changed to Akbar b d, but the latter name was never widely used. On hear- ing the news, Awrangz b returned to Agra and held Court there for some time.

Though, in the 17th century, the court did not remain at Agra for long, the place was nevertheless regarded as one of the capital cities of the Empire. Most of the European travellers who visited India considered it to be one of the largest cities they had seen, comparable in size to Paris, London and Constantinople. It was a centre of trade and commerce and was well known for its textile industry, gold inlay work, stone and marble work and crystal.

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However the population as well as the trade diminished considerably when the court was away. The successors of Awrangz b lived mostly in Delhi, though Agra continued to be important politi- cally. During the second half of the 18th century, it suffered much from the depredations of the J ts, the Mahratt s and the Rohill s.

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Though nominal Mughal sovereignty over the town continued till it was annexed by the British in , except for the years to when Najaf Kh n d. When it came under British rule, it was from to the capital of what became known as the North-Western Province. During the Sepoy Mutiny of —58, 6, persons of the British and Indian communities were besieged in the Fort by the rebels from July to October The modern city of Agra is at the junction of railways and roads, and is a centre of commerce and industry this last, with its attendant pollution, to the detriment of monuments like the T j Ma all.

Since it has had a univer- sity with several af liated colleges within the city. The Fort. The present fort of Agra was built by Akbar on the site of the L d fortress of Badal Gadh on the right bank of the Yamun. It was constructed in about eight years —73 under the superintendence of Mu ammad Q sim Kh n M r-i B a r a t a c o s t o f 35 lakhs of rupees. It is in the shape of an irregular semi-circle with its base along the river. The fort is surrounded by a double wall, loop-holed for musketry, the distance between the walls being 40 ft.

The outer wall, just under 70 ft. The principal gateway, the Delhi Gate, is one of the most impressive portals in India. Most of these buildings were demolished by Sh h Jah n to make room for his marble structures, among those that still stand Akbar and Bang l Ma all s are the earliest.

Similar in design is the Jah ng r Ma all , a double-storeyed construction, ft. After the accession of Sh h Jah n architectural style underwent a radical change. With the discovery of marble quarries, red sandstone was practically eliminated and large-scale use of marble made carved line and owing rhythm of style pos- sible.

Instead of the beam and brackets, foliated or cusped arches became common and marble arcades of engrailed arches distinguished the buildings of Sh h Jah n. Among the most important of his build- ings in the Fort are the Kh Ma all and its adjoining north and south pavilions; the Sh sh Ma all , a bath whose walls and ceilings are spangled over with tiny mirrors of irregular shape set in stucco relief; the Muthamman Burj built for the Empress Mumt z Ma all in which building Sh h Jah n breathed his last ; the D w n-i Kh or private assembly chamber ; the D w n-i mm or public audience chamber , hav-.

Very probably some idea of the design was settled by Akbar, but the building lacks that correctness which is characteristic of the construction undertaken by that monarch. The building is ft. The lowest storey is arcaded and in the centre of each side is inserted a large portico with a deeply recessed archway. The next three storeys consist of superimposed tiers of pillared arcades and kiosks built mainly of red sand- stone. The topmost storey is of white marble and is screened with perforated lattices. Each corner of this storey is surmounted by a slender kiosk.

The mau- soleum consists of a square lower storey 69 ft. It is the rst large building in India built entirely of marble and is remarkable for the richness of its decoration and profuse pietra dura work. The T j Ma all Figs. The mausoleum which Sh h Jah n built for his favourite wife Mumt z Ma all is the grandest in a. Mughal imperial tombs are the most spectacular exponents.

The success of. Ma all lies not only in its aesthetic, romantic and symbolic appeal but in the fact that it expresses in a canonical form the architectural principles of the period. The Mughals had no written architectural theory; it was laid down here in a built form: 1 A rational and strict geometry brought about by modular planning using grid systems based on the Sh hjah n gaz varying in length between 80 and 82 cm or ca. The mausoleum is set at the northern end of the main axis of a vast oblong walled-in complex ca.

The preserved T j complex measures ca. In its layout the tomb garden A and B is the monumentalised ver- sion of the Sh hjah n expression of the waterfront garden, a type speci c to Mughal architecture Koch, The Mughal water front garden , in A. Petruccioli ed. The two complexes with the subsidiary structures are arranged accord- ing to the same compositional scheme of a rectangle C combined with a centrally-planned unit D but here the buildings consist of open courtyards formed of narrow wings and arcades, typical of the residential and utilitarian architecture of the period.

The courtyard complex adjoining the tomb garden. These tombs are set in miniature replicas of the main garden C, 9a, b. Their form revives an older Sultanate type of a domed octagon muthamman surrounded by arcades, translated into the lighter architectural vocabulary of the period; see Koch, Mughal architecture , , and gs. Outside the walled enclosure is another small tomb complex varying this pattern 9c and a tomb and a mosque 11, The income of the b z r s and the karw nsar s of the subsidiary complexes 8, 10 — together with that of thirty villages from the district of Agra — was devoted by imperial command to the upkeep of the mausoleum.

Radial sym- metry is observed in the gatehouse darw za , 5 and the tomb proper. Both follow the ninefold plan Fig. Essays in Islamic art and architecture in honor of Katharina Otto-Dorn , ed. Daneshvari, Malibu , i, 43—50; Koch, Mughal architecture , 44—50, 80—1, 99— The plan of the mausoleum is inscribed in a square with chamfered corners or irregular octagon, described in the contemporary texts as muthamman baghd d. The elevation follows — in the interior — the T m rid concept of two super-imposed tomb chambers surmounted by a high double dome Fig.

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The exterior — composed of monumental p sh qs anked by double-storey niches — brings the cubical tomb of the Dihl tradition enhanced by Deccani features bulbous pro le of the dome to a formal apotheo- sis of unparalleled elegance and harmony Fig. The balanced proportions are highlighted by the sophisticated facing of the brick structure: the white marble in-laid with pietre dure reacts to atmospheric changes and enhances the mystical and mythical aura of the building.

All the subsidiary structures of the T j complex are faced with red sandstone; special features, such as domes may be clad in white marble. This hierarchically graded colour dualism — generally characteristic of imperial Mughal architecture but here explored with unparalled sophistication — con-. The marble for the T j was brought from Makr na in R jasth n and the sandstone from the quarries of the Vindhyan system in the region of Fat p r S kr and R pb s.

The architectural decoration with naturalistic owers and plants executed in relief Fig. It symbolises eternal bloom and supports thus the architectural programme of the building as an earthly replica of the abode of the pardoned Mumt z in the gar- dens of heavenly Paradise. The question about the identity of the architect of the building has as yet not been entirely solved, since contemporary sources minimise the role of the architects and emphasise the involve- ment of the patron.

The craftsmen made their contribution known with numerous mason marks, which still await systematic study. The body of Mumt z was brought in December from Burh np r to Agra and temporarily reburied in Janu- ary on the construction site. In June Sh h Jah n commemorated the rst death anniversary urs in the a n courtyard [ jilaw kh na ]?

The second urs in May of the following year was already held on the monumental platform chab tra on the terrace kurs raised over the third and nal burial place of Mumt z; the place of the. At this time, the domed tomb structure had not as yet been raised. Mu ammad li Kanb even reports that the entire complex took twenty years to be completed. The cost amounted to 50 lakhs 4 to 5 millions rupees see S. Moosvi, Expenditure on buildings under Shahjahan — a chapter of imperial nancial history , in Procs.

The urs celebrations are mentioned intermittently until the fourteenth death anniversary. After the fourteenth urs , Sh h Jah n spent over two years in the north of his empire and moved his capital in to the newly-constructed Sh hjah nab d at Dihl. In the British conquered Agra and the tomb became the focus of their selective restoration of monuments, which was put on a more systematic basis at the beginning of the 20th century when the Archaeologi-. Today, the T j Ma all is included in the Monuments of World Heritage in India and also, sadly, appeared on the list of.

Beveridge, tr. Rogers, London —14, esp. I, 3—7,. Indica ed. Calcutta —38, esp. Tavernier, Travels in India —47 , ed. Ball, London , i, —12; F. Sen, xxxx , 46— Imperial gazetteer of India 2 , Oxford —31,. Historical Soc. Rushbrook Wil- liams, London , — The T j Ma all. All known 17th century sources — Mughal. Begley and Z. Desai, Taj Mahal: the illumined tomb , Cambridge, Mass. The vast literature on the T Ma all. There is as yet no monograph dedicated to its architecture; J. A new plan based on measurements taken in by R. Barraud and E.

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