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Kuppana Sastry Parasara Samhita by Dr. Subrahahnaniam Sastri Phala Deepika of Mantreswar tr. Patel Planets and Children by K. Luthra Practical Vedic Astrology by G. We give some of them for quick reference. In the first chapter of Prashna Marga, Sloka 46 says that: With divine guidance the Person asking question himself having the problem when willfully goes to an astrologer seeking answer to his question, the question chart itself will be equal to birth chart. The mode of assessing the chart should be similar to that of a birth chart.

This drives us to two points. That is Prashna is applicable to human beings to know their personal problems. Secondly, unless a person approaches with his question, The Astrologer voluntarily should not give his consultation. Gesture of the Person asking question: If a person entering the place of an astrologer puts the left foot in front, the matter will be favourable. If he puts the right foot in front, the matter will be unfavorable.

If he is shaking his legs, there is some malefic effect to the matter. If he sits comfortably straight and occupy the seat in front of Astrologer without any hesitation then the matter will be favourable. If he is uncomfortable and occupy seat in wrong direction, the matter will be unfavorable. Number of times frequently the person gets up and sits that many days the matter in question will be delayed. While the question is on if somebody goes out crossing between the Astrologer and the person questioning, it indicates the failure of expected help from others to the matter in question.

If there are symptoms of unrest, confusion and struggles to ask the question or asks the question turning away his head, the answer to the question will be negative. While questioning if some article fall on the person questioning or if he fall down on some material and get hurt, if the question is about health, it indicates danger to life.

Similarly, at that moment any audio visual phenomena relating to danger or struggle to life is observed by the Astrologer, it indicates undesired effects. If the person put the question with sleepy eyes, rubbing eyes, tears in eyes, depressed mood, crossing his legs and arms and expressing no confidence in his life, the answer to the question will be negative. During the question session, if articles of red, rope, sharp instruments, grass, empty rice barn, animal skin, horn, till, red flowers and any other article which normally disturbs the mind, if seen the answer will be negative.

If the person questioning is expressing anger, haste, tired and distress, then also the answer will be negative. The person while going to astrologer if he encounters a favourable audio visual phenomenon relating to the matter, the matter will be positive. If it is question of union, if somebody is joining two items, or two sets of cloth or any signification of unification will result in successful union of the persons involved in the question Marriage, partnerships, Person returning from other place etc.

If somebody drilling a hole, or trying to put their fingers into orifice of an article, it indicates the doubtful character of the woman involved in the question. While questioning about the progeny, if ink, book, and ornaments to be worn below the belt and hands, or pregnant women, child etc. A question during a pregnancy being asked, if any incident that indicates purging or exit is observed, it indicates abortion. There are number of articles, audio visual effects that are discussed in the Prashna Marga to indicate the matter and the results.

Drawing the information and arriving at conclusion from the Audio Visual effects are also found in many other classical texts dealing with Prashna. With the foregoing details, we can conclude that, the person who is approaching an Astrologer carry with him both the matter and the solution which are expressed in many perceivable eventualities.

That is the matter and the solution both are with the person coming for consultation. In other words, details of a question, results and the time of its fructification are all closely associated with the person and they are beyond the perception level of the person. This exactly matches with the subject consciousness and brain. Conscious and Brain Mr.

HERE, was sitting in his sales office, Mr. THERE, came and introduced himself and made enquires about the product X and returned leaving his contact details. HERE follows up his sales process, call up Mr. THERE for the first time taking data from his notepad. Next time he calls him up again with the help of notepad. For subsequent calls, he dials directly without the aid of notepad.

He remembers his name, his contact number. This is due to repeated firing of information the digital, audio visual data gets hardwired in to different areas of brain. Once the sale is closed over a period of time, Mr. HERE may not be able to repeat the task without the help of notepad. Digital and visual data though hardwired is not active to trigger the thought wave with its information. On the contrary, Mr. HERE learnt car driving over a period of two months, and has experience of driving in heavy traffic for the last 5 years.

He was off the road for 10 years due to some reason or the other. After 10 years, he was again driving the car without any re-learning. The experience of car driving has gone into permanent hardwiring. This Synopsis is to establish that there are two different types of hardwiring that takes place in the functioning of brain. One that is temporary hardwiring which is erasable and the other type is permanent hardwiring. There must be some other energy which takes these discriminative decisions of hardwiring in the brain cells. This is where the conscious comes into picture.

Conscious is energy in its multifarious capacity uses the brain as an instrument and triggers the respective cell areas to generate thought waves. These thought waves are the mind. Even if there is no thought the - conscious exists. It is a like a - computer server providing information from a remote unseen place. With all its excellent mechanism of sense, vision, hearing the brain itself cannot emote any of these without liking the data from conscious and it acts on both input and output mechanism.

Persons in coma do not respond to external stimuli but there is a life force keeping them alive. This force is conscious energy which is triggering voluntary functional areas of brain to maintain activities of breathing, heartbeats and blood circulations etc. In such cases, certain areas of brain responsible for generating thought waves are not active to respond external world stimulus. That is what we call it as absent of Mind. Mind or a thought wave is the product of triggered brain activity by conscious. We will discuss some points of neuroscience which is relevant to the Prashna as explained in earlier paragraphs.

Subjective and Objective consciousness Consciousness of two types, one is subjective consciousness and another is objective consciousness. The subjective conscious allow us to think, observe, behave, and perform activities in relation to self and the perceivable world around us. The other objective conscious with built-in intelligence, maintains the life and performs many activities without seeking the interference of subjective consciousness. This objective conscious is the expression of universal intelligence in the body.

The subjective consciousness expresses our unique character, quality and ability to remember, create, prefer, reject and represent the perceivable self. This consciousness is in both the body and independent of the body. There is a process called out-of-body experience induced through deep meditation. During this period, the subjective consciousness cognizes own body lying on the ground. This drives us to conclusion that consciousness is not the body but it uses the body. Through the traits and activities directed by this consciousness is identified as self.

On the other hand, the objective consciousness or the Super-conscious is awareness distinct from the subjective conscious. With its amazing intelligence operates through other parts of the brain processing millions of automatic functions in fraction of seconds, manages, and control biological activities including altered DNA structures. This awareness or sub-conscious mind has more information about the personality and self than that of subjective conscious. This awareness is basic and universal of every human being. This is the true intelligence power which operates at different situations and times.

This is where the past information, trained activities, reflexive indexes are managed and processed for presenting at the functional objective conscious.

RG RAO Kashyapa Hora

The human being is a super intelligent life force controlled by the universal objective conscious and personality awareness through subjective conscious. With this discussion, we have identified the two levels of consciousness. For the purpose of easy understanding, henceforth, we term them as Super conscious and conscious. The brain is an instrument with innumerable neurons and the level of intelligence is directly proportional to the quantity of neurons. Conscious and Super conscious are the source which uses this brain and triggers the neurons to generate electrochemical impulses which we call it has thoughts.

The mind is nothing but the collective thought forces. In other words, without the triggering of consciousness, the brain itself cannot create thought waves. When there is no thought wave, there is no mind. Either this no mind phenomena occur by transition to higher consciousness known as self realization or by death of a person.

The later part is out of the scope here to discuss. A self realized person is capable of operating from the Higher conscious level. That is he crosses both level of conscious and super conscious level which we call higher consciousness or God consciousness. However not many could reach to this level.

In the process of self realization, many people experience the strange state of consciousness shifting between Super consciousness and consciousness. This is a process of spirituality where the super consciousness will be transmitting the glimpses of spirit of self or Godliness. Several neuro-imaging experiments like functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI and Quantitative electroencephalography QEEG etc on religious, spiritual and mystical experiences spot several regions in the brain involved in functions like emotions, selfconsciousness, body representation, spirituality perception, audio visual feasts.

It also confirms the brain wave activity records more theta wave ranging between 4 to 7 Hz causing spatially extended neural circuits covering many regions of brain. We are concerned with the spatial extension of neural circuits. These circuits are triggered by external stimulus. This external stimulus we call it as Super conscious and at a perceivable level conscious. Fig 1 The super conscious being universal factor, it has all the information, be it of past or the present trained activities which are influencing the conscious.

The effects of Karma are also energies either positive or negative will be stored in the Super conscious. The learning, new experiences and the free willed training etc are functional at conscious level. The brain has attributed with different zones to handle these two levels of conscious. This can be explained with a picture more clearly. Fig 2 Front part Day to day alert functions, reasoning, planning, emotions problem solving etc Mid part Motor and Sensory cortex involves in activities limb movements and sensory effects etc. Hind Part cerebellum is a region of the brain that plays an important role facilitating automatic hardwired memories and behavior.

It is also involved in some cognitive functions like, attention and language, and emotional functions such as a secondary role in the fear response, and a regulatory role in pleasurable stimuli. Note automatic hardwired memories can be due to encoded positive or negative energies by previous Karma, inherited DNA structures, and also due to powerful impact from past incidents in the present life Lower Part Thalamus All most all sensory information enters this structure where neurons send that information to the overlying cortex.

Hypothalamus The structure is involved in functions including homeostasis, emotion, thirst, hunger, circadian rhythms, Blood sugar levels, hormone levels and emotional reactions are regulated with control of the autonomic nervous system. Amygdala Involved in memory, emotion, and fear from external perceptions and internal thoughts. It helps to experience emotional charges and signals vital sensory information.

Hippocampus Formulates to experience emotional memories and encoding long term memories. This part of the brain is important for learning and memory. Converting short term memory to permanent memory, and for recalling spatial relationships in the world about us Midbrain acts as chemical brain. It helps co-ordinate signal from external world with our internal world. It is also involved in functions such as vision, hearing, eye movement, and body movement Pons It is involved in motor control and sensory analysis.

It has parts that are important for the level of consciousness and for sleep. Medulla Oblongata It is responsible for maintaining vital body functions, such as breathing and heart rate This gives a fair idea of parts of brain. We are considering the major four division of brain with their non technical names like Front, Middle, Hind and Lower parts. The Front part of the brain and the Middle part of the brain is activated in day to day affairs and movement; we can say that conscious triggers these two parts of the brain.

The other two areas Hind and Lower parts are concerned with involuntary activities and also help in voluntary activities. Therefore, it is triggered by super consciousness. Apart from this four divisions there are number of other parts of brain which has specific functions in each of this part. However, for the purpose of our work we are concerned with these four major parts. Note: The brain areas illustrated are based on information documented in several books evidencing changes in brain activities in parietal lobes during meditation or prayers.

There could be more unexplored areas in the brain fired by conscious which might be more useful in studying the spiritual aspects. We have represented the Neuroscience semi technically for adaptation of astrological understanding. We are researching on the consciousness and brain wave programming theory in relation to Veda mantra and rituals like Homa, Pooja etc. We are planning this project to complete by next year and publish our products. Coming back to the subject the Front part of the brain is the place, where the day to day activities and related thoughts emerges with plans and future actions.

It is the curiosity to know the end results in advance that makes a question to arise. This curiosity has developed due to triggering of super conscious from the Hind and Lower parts of brain with its stored information. This super conscious has stored data of previous life and also information from the previous experiences of this birth structured to fulfill or disturb certain events.

Harmony between the conscious plan or thought of activity and the stored information fired by super conscious will result in pleasurable experience of plan or action. When there is disharmony, the thought and action directed will result in painful experiences from such plan or action.

This is what we call it as fulfillment of desire, or failure of attempt. Activities planned at Neocortex, that is conscious level if not properly supplemented by relevant supportive information at the Super conscious level, the planned activities remains at thought level and passes off without any activated results. Supplementing at Super conscious level can be either by the information already stored due to past life, or it could be repeatedly fired information from the conscious thought process by which the new set of hardwiring will take place at Super conscious level to accept and support when the activity relating to that information is triggered at conscious level.

Excellence, then is not an action but a habit —Aristotle With the above quote, we shift this knowledge of science to fit in to our subject astrology in general and Prashna particular. All the above factors indicate that the question and the related answers are all at different conscious level of the person who is approaching the astrologer. Conscious are energy waves, which trigger electrochemical and magnetic waves in the brain. The waves are measured in cycles per second. Before bringing this science of consciousness into astrology, we have to regroup the astrological significations into these wavelengths.

For this purpose, we have to seek the information from classical texts. Lords of 1, 4,7,10 are called Kendra Lords 2. Lords of 1st, 5th and 9th are called Kona Lords 3. Lords of 2, 12 and 8 are neutral that support the other house the lord owns. Lords of 3, 6, 11 are sinister. Lords of Kendra and Kona establishing relationship between them are yoga karaka. Lords of 6, 8, 12 are evils. Point No 5 prescribes the condition for yoga. Relationship between Kendra and Kona results in yoga.

A relationship is established in the following manner. A When there is an exchange between the two planets B When there is mutual aspect between two planets C When the planet is posited in Kendra or Kona to each other D When it there is a conjunction of two planets. This is one set of principle from Parasara. For this, we have to append another classical approach from Phaladeepika. In 15th Chapter of this great work which explains in detail about the analysis of Bhava.

With confluence of both the principle of Parasara and Mantreshwara, we have derived the new technique as follows: A. The other houses are places between the two groups of Kendra and Kona counted from each other. These houses are gain or loss 2 , fear or courage 3 , challenge and adversity 6 , Mystery, Misery and History 8 , Fulfill or reject 11 Terminate or Expend 12 which cusses anxiety, or thrill which are transitory in nature. Therefore, we call them as Interchanged transitory houses Let us take each of the Kendra and find out how the other houses evolve in relation to Kona from them.

Inter position of any of these lords in relation to 1st house supports the past influences. Therefore, the confluence of Kona counted from Kendra gives the following two interchanged transitory houses to influence positively or negatively the matters of 4th house to be experienced by Lagna the first house.

Benefic planet or the owner of Kendra in these places will boast the good effects of 4th house. This theory is based on assessment of each house considering it as Lagna.


According to the traditional teachings of Jataka Chandrika, these places are exclusively recommended to nullify the Kendradhipatya Dosha of a Planet. Therefore, the confluence of Kona counted from Kendra gives the following two transitory houses to effect positively negatively the resultant factor of 7th matters to be experienced by Lagna the first house. Benefic planet or the owner of Kendra in these places will boast the good effects of 7th house.

Therefore, the confluence of Kona counted from Kendra gives the following two interchanged transitory houses to effect positively or negatively the resultant factor of 10th matters to be experienced by Lagna the first house. Benefic planet or the owner of Kendra in these places will boast the good effects of 10th house. Let us take each of the Kona house and find out how the other houses evolve in relation to Kendra from them. Therefore, the confluence of Kendra counted from 9th Kona gives the following three interchanged transitory houses to affect positively or negatively the resultant factor of 9th matters to be experienced by Lagna the first house.

With this, we have derived the following factors. Houses 1, 4,7,10 are indicators of essential matters of life at the conscious level and the houses 5th and 9th are past merits and destiny either favourable or unfavorable to essential matters of life. Table shows the resultant houses due to Kendra to Kona or Kona to Kendra houses. Fig 3 Location of Kendra in Brain 1st house is concerned about more of self and conscious activities; therefore, the Front Part of the Brain represents it.

Therefore, action orientation is at the Middle Part of Brain 7th house is house of union, socialization seeking relaxation therefore it has its place near Hind Part of Brain 4th house is house of emotional and comfort experiences, for learning and encoding long term information having its place in Lower part of Brain Kona Location in Brain 5th House is wisdom which is a function in the brain which maintains the involuntary actions supporting life.

This we call has merits of past. Both these houses are functionally relatable to the other parts of the brain like Amygdala, Hippocampus, Midbrain, Pons, and Medulla Oblongata located nearby lower part of brain In fact, the detailed structure of brain in relation to Astrology is a separate subject to be taken up in our subsequent projects Nevertheless, for the present work this broader grouping of the astrological signification adopted in brain structure is sufficient. Having established spatiality of the houses in the brain, we have to identify them with the different conscious levels of brain.

Alpha Associated with a calm and relaxed state when the person is not thinking. Beta Associated with being alert, with normal thinking, with processing information. Alpha, Theta and Delta is active at Midbrain, Thalamus Hypothalamus Amygdala Hippocampus Pons Medulla Oblongata Not essentially in the same sequence- refer to above paragraph of their functional natures. Beta level —Functions are connected with day to day conscious alert activities.

Theta and Delta — Functions at deep state of activities hardwired with intuitive powers and memories of past. Therefore, the matters of essential of life are at alert level represented by houses 1, 4, 7, 10 are at Beta level consciousness. Past merits, Destiny represented by 5th and 9th houses represented Theta and Delta level or super conscious level The interchanged transitory houses reckoned from both Beta level houses and Theta level houses are source for anxiety and thrill which generates Alpha waves originating question. Due to the very fact that super conscious is universal, it is obvious that the electromagnetic waves would reflect on many related audio visual phenomena around the person.

The audio visual omens around the person questioning will indicate the matter and its outcome. This cannot be cognized by the brain functioning at Beta level. It is essential to transport the wavelength from Beta to other levels. Step by step ritualistic way of erecting the birth or Prashna chart, the exercise involved in computing different tables, identifying confluence of significations of houses, planets and the different dignities are all the process by which an Astrologer will shift his wavelength from Beta level to other levels of consciousness and then link the same with the origin of planetary configuration to the person questioning.

The Planets as dynamic time wavelengths with their significations and the signs with space significations will shift the conscious level of the astrologer to the matters and its fate relating to the person asking the questions. This is one of the reasons Prashna Marga or for that matter any classical text on astrology prescribes the duties and rituals to be followed by Astrologers. The whole of physical world is the nothing but a wavelength of consciousness and this include the perceivable body as a self.

This has been proved beyond doubt that there exists the phantom limb in the brain conscious even after the physical limb is lost. There is much modern research in the recent past by great scholars in this field of neurons psychology leading to a structured scientific approach to answers to metaphysical phenomenon. However, this is the time for us to re-construct the approach of occult knowledge on similar lines and use the these science tools to establish the facts in subjects like Astrology, propitiation and rituals with convincing logic avoiding superstitions and meaningless rituals.

We shall conclude this chapter with the following astrological summary. A person questioning will come with all the signification of the question, its progress and the results thereof which he cannot perceive due to his different mental wavelength. The subtle electromagnetic waves will trigger the surrounding audio visual phenomena relating to the subject matter, which the person himself or the astrologer has to grasp. This possible when the astrologers mind is tuned to the wavelength cycle.

This can also be perceived by the person himself if he can alter his conscious cycle. The tool to travel through different wavelength of the subject or the person in front you is astrological chart, planetary significations and the audio visual phenomena noticed at that particular moment. We are not repeating them here and restrict ourselves only essentials required for this work.

Based on this concept, in the classical texts some of the dictum says that first half of the Ubhaya Rashi to be treated as Chara and the second half as stira. If we call this as dual sign, it will not be logically fit into it for Virgo and Sagittarius. Because, Virgo symbolizes with a virgin lady and there is no dual aspect here.

In Sagittarius there are no doubt two symbol but are merged as half human and half animal as on unit. Only Pisces has two fishes and Gemini has two babies of same kind. Therefore, in English we have named them as common sign. These positions will also cover the different Avastas states of planets which can be assessed for their nature of results as given in the classical texts. Chapter 3 Different approaches from Classical works. This is Prashna Lagna.

Aroodha Lagna: Count the number of houses from the Lagna to the sign where Lagna lord is posited. Again, count the same number of houses from Lagna lord and note that sign as Aroodha Lagna. Therefore, count 4th house from 7th house and that will be Aroodha Lagna. If the Lagna lord is in 4th from Lagna, 4th house itself becomes Aroodha. These two are the reference points which are essential for analysis.

Gulika The origin of Gulika Ravana with his great occult powers commanded the celestial bodies to occupy perfect positions at the time of birth of his Son. However, Saturn was allotted the 11th house which is supposed to be a best place for him. Saturn obeyed the command with little difference he put his one foot in 12th house.

Furious Ravana cut off the leg and this cut off portion fell in Lagna which is termed as Gulika. There could be other stories appended to this. However, for our purpose it is enough that Gulika is a sensitive point related to Saturn. This sensitive point is generally obstructive in its nature.

Most of the computer programs give Gulika in their charts. However, the method of computing Gulika is given below: We calculate Gulika for today that is Monday, December 28, at Each part will be Every day the first part belongs to the weekday lord, 2nd part to the next day lord, 3rd part the 3rd day lord it continues for all 7 days for 7 parts and the 8th part has no lord though in Prashna Marga it is allotted to Rahu. Here we get Saturn at 6th part which comes after laps of 8 hr: 15 min: 48 sec from Sun rise time at Lagna at Sunrise is in Sagittarius 19 degrees Add the time taken for Gulika part from Sunrise i.

Gulika falls in Taurus in 3 degrees 36 minutes. Similarly, for Night time take the next day Sun rise, deduct the Sun set time of Monday, and calculate on the similar method. Though in general matter of questions we do not consider the importance of Gulika, however, it is plays a key role in many matters indicating hindrances in many matters especially when the question is about ill-health, Black magic, insanity and death. Most of the classical texts delineate the effects of Gulika in different houses and its effect on lord of the houses and planets. We culminate a few of them for the ready reference.

Thievish tendencies, irreligious When associated with malefic planet the effect of Gulika will be severe. Gulika in 3rd House Lack of siblings, Quarrelsome, Long life, moderately good life, troubles and travel for lively hood, Lack of communicative skills Gulika in 4th House Lung diseases, enmity kith and kin, unethical dealings, Loss of movable and immovable assets, homeless, unhappy from relatives, Unrest, problems to mother Gulika in 5th House Speculative loss, progeny problems, Mental disturbances Gulika in 6th House Enmity, Black magic, Diseased, Quarrels Gulika in 7th House Litigation and disputes with Partners and spouse.

Marital disturbances, extra marital relationships, Henpecked, death fear, loss of vigor Gulika in 8th House Ugly appearance, Difficulties, Bad nature, short life, Chronic diseases Gulika in 9th House Irreligious, Bad manners towards elders and father, lack of progeny, trouble to father, Misfortune, Evil deeds, Devoid of divine protection, Injuries and violent death.

Gulika in 10th House Unethical deeds, fall from family dignity, lazy, ill-fame, behavioral defect Gulika in 11th House Good Longevity, Success in life, happiness, royal favours, hidden treasures and comforts, Gulika in 12th House Starving for good food, Misfortunes, engaged in bad habits and unethical activities, defective limb, loss of spouse, Sinful, Loss. This will help in giving predictions to persons who do not have birth details for their future prediction at least for 5 years.

Transit chart Prepare a chart transit of planets for next 5 years. Key rule This chapter is innovatively designed for applying Parasara principles unifying the traditionally inherited secrets from the works like Jataka Chandrika and Phaladeepika. However these principles are to be used in birth chart analysis and selectively some of these rules can be applied in Prashna.

Two or more planets from the above conjoined in a house. Malefic by lordship 2. Natural malefic as Lagna lord owning other house as 3. Natural Malefic not owning both Kendra and Kona 4. Natural Benefic owning house not owning other house as 5th or 9th 5. Lords of sign where Rahu, Ketu, or Gulika is posited 6. Planets posited in Baadhaka stana 11th for Movable, 9th for Fixed and 7th for Common sign 7. Jupiter, Mercury and the lord of the house will always influence beneficial influence on the houses by occupation and conjunction.

Subject to condition That they are: 2. Lord of Lagna not owning 8th or 6th house 3. A house will flourish if the lord or House Karaka of the house occupies a Kendra or Kona from that house or from Lagna which is not 6,8,12 to that house. A house will be floundered to give bad results if the lord or House Karaka of the house occupies a 6,8,12 to that house or from Lagna that does not form Kendra or Kona to that house or aspect its own house in question.

If they do not gain strength, they will give bad effects of their natural signification during their period. If they occupy any of the Kendra houses, they will give good results of the houses they own and occupy. If they occupy any other house, by which they can aspect their own Kendra house, they will give good results of houses owned and occupied. They will also give ordinary good results if they occupy 5th or 9th house from Lagna which does not form 6 or 8 or 12 to their Kendra houses owned. If they own other house as 3,6,8,11,12, they will give good results of their ownership houses, if they are posited in their own house of Kendra or in any one of Kona counted from Lagna.

Results when associated with other lords: Association of another Malefic owning Kendra and not owning 3,6,8,11,12 will render both of them to give good results. Association of a Benefic owning 5th or 9th not owning 3, 6, and 11 will render both of them to give good results. Association of Benefic owning a Kendra not owning other house as Kona will render both of them give bad results. Association of Malefic owning a 5th or 9th not owning other house as Kendra will render both of them to give bad results.

When a natural malefic becomes bad by virtue of lordship dignities exaltation of such a planet is more harmful. Association is considered by Mutual aspect, Mutual exchange of houses, by being in Kendra to each other or by being in Kona to each other. As Kona Lords Malefic owning 5th or 9th not owning other house as 1, 4,7,10 will give bad results. If they occupy any house, by which they can aspect any of Kona houses owned by them they give good result of the house owned, and occupied by them. If they occupy a Kendra counted from Lagna they give ordinary good results of the houses occupied and owned by them.

If they occupy 5th or 9th house counted from Lagna they will give bad results. If they occupy any house which is their exalted or own place they give bad results. Results when associated with other lords: Association of Malefic planet in the house where both get the dignity of giving good results, they give good results. Association of Lords of not owning Kona house will render them to give good results.

If either of them becomes malefic in that place, they exchange their dignities in giving the good and bad results. When associated with a malefic planet dignified to give bad results both give bad results. Association of any lord of 5th or 9th not owning Kendra will render this planet to give bad results. Association is considered by Mutual aspect, Mutual exchange of houses, by being in Kendra to each other, by being in Kona to each other. As lords of Malefic planets owning houses from the above houses they will give very bad results. If they are posited in Kendra, they will give good effects of the houses they own.

If they are posited in Kona, they will give lesser good results of the houses they own. Association of Lords of renders both the planets to give bad results unless they are posited in Kona or Kendra.

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Inter changing position between the lords of 6th and 8th will render them to give a specialized good results. Association of another Benefic Kendra lord will render both of them to give bad results If they occupy any house from which they can aspect the Kendra house owned by them they will give good results of the houses owned and occupied by them. If they occupy Kona houses counted from Lagna, they give little good results. If they own both Kona and Kendra house, they give very good results. Planet owning Kendra and Kona if posited in Kona or Kendra counted from Lagna they gives good results.

If such a planet is linked to 6th or 8th 12th house or to the lords of 6th, 8th, or 12th who do not own a Kona they spoil the good effect of the house. As Kona Lords Benefic planets owning 5th or 9th not owning 3rd 6th 11th as other houses will give benefic results. If they are posited in 5th or 9th they will give good results If they are posited in Kendra, they give good results. If they are posited in any house with an aspect to the Kona house owned by them, they give good results. If they are associated with the benefic planets owning Kona house not owning 3rd 6th or 11th house both gives good results.

If they are associated with a Malefic owning Kendra house not owning houses they both give good results. If they are associated with the lords of not owning Kendra or Kona, the lords of will give the good results of Kona lord and the Kona lord will give the bad results of the lords of As Lords of Benefic planets owning houses not owning Kona will render them to give bad results. Except the lords, owning 2nd and 11th house simultaneously will be beneficial for finance matter.

If they are placed in, Kona they give good results If they are placed in Kendra, they give lesser good results. Association of Benefic Planets as Lords of will render both of them to give bad results. However, their position in Kona or Kendra will reduce the malefic effect of the houses they own and at times may give little good results. Inter changing houses between 6th lord and 8th not owning Kona house will give rise to special good results.

Gulika the rider: Dasha lord as sign lord where Gulika is posited will be miserable. Gulika destroys the good effects offered by other benefic planets if associated with them by occupation. Association of Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu with Gulika will create more havoc of the matters related to these planets. The house or houses relating to question should not be completely floundered as per Rules in Section II stated above.

Karaka for the house relating to question should not be completely floundered as per Rules in Section II stated above. If both Karaka and houses in question are floundered, there is no use of further analysis. The answer is no. Else 3. However we suggest for matter relating to settlement in life, long term progress etc. Prashna Lagna is given importance and for matters relating with quick outcomes like travel, cure of normal diseases, recovery of lost property, Interviews, promotion and small litigations the Aroodha Lagna is considered.

This is purely depending upon Astrologers and their faith and practice. The suggestion given above is general practice we adopt and it is our opinion and faith. There are many astrologers who use only Aroodha for every matter and some use only Prashna Lagna. I Compulsory Signification by Lagna lord 4.

Lagna lord himself must be the lord of the house or houses in question. Lagna lord must occupy or aspect such houses in question. By a planet owning or occupying such house must have aspect to or from Lagna Lord Or 7. By a planet owning or occupying such house should have exchanged with Lagna lord.

All the planets involved in this relationship are called signifiers of the houses involved II Compulsory 9. Any one of the signifiers must establish relationship with Dasha lord By aspect to or from Dasha Lord By being in Kendra or Kona to Dasha lord By exchange with Dasha lord Compulsory I will indicate the fructification of results Compulsory II will indicate the time factor. While Dasha has confirmed the matter the most effective Bhukti and Antra lords will pin down the time of fructification.

Some hints about Dasha analysis: Dasha lords must be transiting in the houses, which are favorable houses from Lagna. Similarly, the Dispositer of the Dasha Lord in Prashna chart must be equally transiting in favourable houses. This will narrow down the timing factor. The star representing current lords of Dasha and Bhukti falling in signs must represent favourable house to Chart in Question. The Rules above though given for Prashna is more appropriately applicable in birth chart analysis.

Matters of Life for Prashna: Though there are number of significations for house matters we give below the brief significations of houses in groups of trines 1, 5, 9 - 2, 6, 10 - 3, 7, 11 - 4, 8, 1 2 being the houses of Dharma, Artha, Kama Moksha. Children, Past merits-Wisdom-Occult-Pleasurable pursuits 9. Father, Fortune —Distance —Excellence-Religion 2.

Family-Alliance with married spouse, Accumulation-Finance-speech 5. Mother-in-Law, Profession-Fame 3. Sleep, Loss-Expenditure-De-link-Foreign-Asylum The bold lettered matters are living matters and other represent non-living matters. To this any house of desired matter linked, it indicates the success of the matter.

This is the logic we have used in setting up the rules for Prashna. Grand parents M. Prithuyashas — Shatpanchasikha Aryasaptati, horakrishneeya, prashnajnana, varaprashnadeepa, bhuvana deepika, Prashna Marga and Shatpanchasikha are some of the great works on Prashna. We are selecting the last one Shatpanchasikha a great work by Prithuyashas son of great scholar Varahamihiracharya.

This work is named as Shatpanchasikha as it contains 56 dictums.

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This work was further explained by Utpala bhatta in his hora-vivrutthi. We selected a few important dictums and with the logical application of some of the fundamentals taken from Varahamihira and Parasara, which can be adaptable for day to day applications and can also be used in other system of Prashna. The following sign significations tabled are essential part of this particular method of Prashna. Sign Signification For this section of Prashna, the following rules are prescribed. Rule I Benefic planets 1. Jupiter, Mercury, and Lord of the House will always remain benefic irrespective of their Lordship.

Venus owning both Kendra and Kona or owning either of the house and owning other house as 2 or 11 remain benefic. Moon more than 72 degrees from Sun remain benefic if do not own houses 4. Sun not owning remain benefic 5. Planets owning Both Kendra and Kona irrespective of their natural nature remain benefic. Rule 2 Malefic planets 1. Venus owning houses and not owning other house as either Kendra or Kona.

Moon Less than 72 degrees from Sun irrespective of the ownership of houses 3. Sun owning houses 4. Saturn, Mars not owning both Kendra or Kona 5. Rahu 6. Ketu Rule 3 Beneficially influenced houses Aspect, Occupation by a Benefic will make the house matter to flourish A House hemmed between benefic will yield good effects of the houses. Lord the house hemmed between Benefic will render the lord to give good effect of the houses owned by him.

Rule 4 Maliciously Influenced houses Aspect, Occupation by a Malefic will make the house matter to flounder. Any planet posited in 6,8,12 will lose its strength and renders bad results of the house matters owned by those planets. A house hemmed between malefic will yield bad effects of the houses Benefic in 6, 8, and 12 destroy bad significations and enhance good significations of these houses.

Malefic in 6, 8, and 12 enhance the bad signification and destroy the good significations of these houses. Lord of the house hemmed between Malefic will render the lord to give bad effects of the houses owned by him. Rule 5 Prashna Chart and reference points For this purpose, erect a time chart for the moment of question with Navamsha and Drekkana. Retain the Lagna for the first person questioning. For the 2nd person we can take the Aroodha Lagna. Aroodha is calculated as follows: Count the number of houses from the Lagna to the sign where Lagna lord is posited.

For the 3rd person, ask a number between 1 and12 and take the zodiac sign of the number given by the person. For the 4th person cast cowries to arrive at the Aroodha Lagna. For casting cowries, certain occult rituals are to be performed to energize cowries. This is purely based on personal faith on a particular deity through which this has to be performed. The main criterion is to shift the mental wavelengths of both the person questioning and the Astrologer. With simple prayer to personal deity and faithfully invoking, the energy of deity in to the cowries is main object of this ritual.

Any method which convinces the astrologer can be adopted for this purpose Rule 6 Answers to the Question is Positive 1 Question Lagna must be beneficially influenced as Rule 3 above Or 2 In the Divisional chart the Lagna must be in the signs of Planets dignified as Benefic as per Rule 1 above Or 3 The Question Lagna must be in Head rising sign. Or 3 The Question Lagna falls in the Hind rising sign. Rule 8 Answer to the Question is Positive with obstructions, delay or remedies. Question Lagna is Maliciously influenced as per Rule 4 but the malefic planets are friendly to Lagna lord. In the Divisional chart the Lagna fall in the sings of planets dignified as Malefic as per Rule 2 but they are friendly to Lagna lord Or 3.

The Question Lagna fall in Dual-rising Pisces sign and the Lagna is Beneficially influenced in the net assessment among benefic and malefic planet. Subject to rules mentioned above: Favourable or Unfavorable effects of matters relating to 12 sings are based on the Movable, Fixed and Common signs of the houses they represent. Each word convey plethora of matters for answering questions. Vriddhi means, Addition, Circulation, Movement, flow, transmission, increase, and growth, Prosperity, Boom, and Multiple etc. The importance of Kendra houses is well established in this Sloka.

Almost all the matters relating to life can be answered only with this one Sloka. Chyuthi 1. If the Lagna is in movable sign or 1st half of common sign and having beneficial influence as per Rule 3 the relating to 1st house will be yield positive results for the questions relating to matters: Falling, Degeneration, Loss, aberration, deviation, deflections, Perishing, Changing, Shifting, Change of Place, Change in Job or any matter that causes displacement will be positive, and Fulfillment of purpose of Journey.

The sign is a space factor and the point of reference Lagna is intention or the thought process. When the intention and the matter in the space both are of same nature there is a positive effect. Vriddhi 2. If the 4th house happens to be fixed sign or the 2nd half of the common sign having beneficial influence Addition, Circulation, Movement, flow, transmission, increase, and growth, Prosperity, Boom, and Multiple Matters relating to immovable comforts, like property matters will be positive. Similarly, for sale of property the sign must be movable. For mutual agreements or sharing of property it should be common sign.

Nivrutthi 3. If the 7th house happens to be movable sign or first half of common sign having beneficial influence Return from Journey, Foreign matters, Missing person or article etc will be yield positive results. For the matters, that needs no change or movement the Fixed sign will be positive. Compromising factors are indicated by Common sign. Pravasa 4. If the 10th house happens be movable sign or first half of the common sign, and maliciously influenced Foreign residence, Journey, tour, Leave home, Start, Separation, and Pilgrimage etc will be positive.

Logically, the sign signification plays important role in the above dictum. Based on the matter and type of answer desired whether positive or negative to be decided upon the sign signification of movable, fixed or common sign. In general applying these principles identifying the matter which requires, Movement, Stability or Mutuality, all the Questions relating to 12 houses are answered using other sign significations etc. However, we give other rules for some selected Questions.

Section A: If Lagna falls in Fixed signs or in 2nd half of common sign 1 Positive results to be predicted relating to Acquiring Land, House, Visa or Green card, Getting permanent Job, settling in profession or business, Lost property gain, Honour of the person, reputation and wining. Section B: If Lagna falls in Movable sign or in 1st half of common sign 1 Negative results to be predicted relating to Acquiring Land, House, Visa or Green card, Getting permanent Job settling in profession or business, Lost property gain, Honour of the person, reputation and wining.

Questions relating to arguments, fights, elections, and Final interviews where competition is between two persons and withdrawal of enemy or competitor can be answered by: 4th house by its sign quality 4th house in Prashna chart happens to be Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces, the enemy will be defeated.

Venus and Spirituality with Bhaskar Chakraborty

If that 4th house in Prashna chart happens to be Aries, Taurus, Leo and 2nd half of Sagittarius, the enemy will withdraw. Questions relating to opponent appearing in court case, or hectic competition in examination or interview or a litigation involving powerful enemies can be answered by: Prashna rising sign and position of Moon in sign Answer to the above questions will be favourable to the person questioning if Lagna falls in movable sign and Moon occupy fixed sign. It will be un-favorable to him, if Lagna fall in fixed sign and the moon occupy movable sign.

Questions relating to Winning or losing of Court case, arguments, litigation etc by the person who first initiated the situation or filed the case. The person initiated fight will Win If Prashna Lagna falls in Movable sign or in first half of common sign and is having beneficial influence of planets. Or if it is Fixed sign and having strong malicious influence of planets The person initiated fight will lose If Prashna Lagna falls in Movable sign or first half of common, sign and is having malicious influence of planets Or If Prashna Lagna falls in Fixed sign without malicious influence Question relating to Withdrawing from ongoing case, fight or competition or losing by opponent are answered by: 4th, 5th and 6th Houses If 5th and 6th houses are maliciously influenced, the opponent will withdraw half way through.

If 4th house is maliciously influenced the opponent will lose the fight. There are few more such combinations for questions relating to fights and competitions which we are unable to elaborate due to space constraint. Auspicious and inauspicious results are to be predicted by Planets in Trine, Quadrant and 8th house If Malefic planets are not posited in 1, 4,7,10 or 8 and if benefic planets occupy 5th or 9th houses, then Auspicious results in every matter can be predicted.

If Malefic planets occupy 1, 4,7,10 or 8th and if benefic do not occupy 5th or 9th then Inauspicious results in every matter has to be predicted. In other words, Kendra and Kona should have benefic planets, malefic planets should be in other houses, and there should be neither benefic nor malefic in 8th house, to get auspicious results and vice versa for inauspicious results. This leads us to exercise on the quantitative assessment of both Kendra and Kona houses. If Kendra and Kona houses are beneficially influenced, the results will be auspicious else the results will be inauspicious.

Question regarding profit or loss By 3rd, 5th, 11th and signs Beneficial influence on houses 3rd, 5th or 11th and signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will result in profits Malicious influence on houses 3rd, 5th or 11th and signs Gemini Libra and Aquarius will results in loss Again, the ultimate beneficial or malicious influence on these houses and sings either is to be considered for final results profit or loss. Questions regarding Status in society, Position, Fame and Wealth By houses 7th and 10th and Moon, for Status and Position Benefic planets in 7th or 10th will give positive results of the above question.

By houses 1st, 2nd and 5th and Moon for Fame and Wealth Benefic planets in 1st, 2nd, 5th, will give positive results of the above question For both cases if Malefic are posited in these houses, then the quantitative benefic or malefic influence is to be assessed. Even if they are beneficially influenced, if Moon is posited in Lagna and houses 11th and 12th are maliciously influenced the results will be negative Moon in 10th will give positive results. In other words, we should assess the houses 1, 2, 5,7,10, 11 and 12 and Moon for positive influences.

Question regarding recover from ill health By Lagna, 5th, 7th, 8th and Moon position in 3rd, 6th 10th or 11th Beneficial influence on 1st, 5th, 7th and 8th house with Moon placed in 3, 6, 10, or 11 indicates recovery from ill health. Again, the quantitative assessment will indicate the nature of ill health and the quantum of recovery. Question regarding recovery of Lost articles By Lagna, Sign and Moon If, 1 Lagna in a Head-rising sign, 2 if full Moon or a benefic occupy Lagna, and 3 a powerful benefic occupy 11th house, the lost article will be recovered.

If any one of the three conditions is not fulfilled the lost article will not be recovered. The direction of the planet as stated in the fundamentals, and the Navamsha sign, of the benefic planet occupying Lagna or 11th house will indicate the type of article and the Moon or the benefic planet or the number of Navamsha sign of Moon or the benefic planet will indicate the days or months for recovery.

Question relating to Marriage and child birth By Saturn and signs In Prashna chart, if Saturn occupies female sign, the male marriage will take place or in case of progeny, it will be a female birth. If Saturn occupies male sign, the female marriage will take place and for progeny it will be a male birth. For male marriage, the female sign as Lagna should not be considered. Question relating to Gender specification of a pregnant woman By Lagna in Prashna chart and Divisional charts In Varga chart if the Lagna falls in male signs and is influenced by powerful male planet it will be male child.

If in other signs having influence of female planet, it will be female child. Influence of Mercury on any of these Lagna will confirm the pregnancy of woman. The power of such influence either male or female will decide in case of multiple influences. Mars, Ketu, Rahu and Gulika will indicate dangers and obstructions in child birth. Question relating to Marriage of Sons, daughters and other relatives By Planets and Houses If Moon occupies 3rd, 5th, 7th 11th or 6th house and having beneficial influence or Kendra or Kona houses are beneficially influenced, the marriage of the relative in question will take place.

The outcome is to be assessed for benefic or malefic influence to decide the ultimate result as positive or negative. The time of marriage is computed based on the number of months indicated by the powerful benefic influencing the 11th or 7th house. We have introduced this great work in brief covering most of the Questions relating to day to day life.