Horoscop scorpio 6 6 february 2020

Scorpios will change their eating habits and incorporate physical activities or sports. The last trimester in love will begin with the follower of the sign getting new ideas in the emotional realm which allow them to make changes to themselves and in their relationship. In November, these natives will have to make decisions in matters of the heart. They can not be avoided.

The year will end with good prospects in love. You will be in a phase of self healing and affectionate with those close to you.

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You will be very dedicated and productive at work, but also have some discomfort with the leadership. There will be new projects in the workplace and financially, you will have a wonderful time. With new money in front of you, you must take advantage of any openings you see. Expect good health. October is a month of physical strength and good moods.

Mercury in retrograde can bring negative influences for your health, especially the sexual organs, and respiratory diseases.

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Your health will recover by the end of the year and you will feel more physical energy and peace of mind. The presence of Ceres in Scorpio, until January 24th, will provide the followers of the sign with iron self-control in the face of adverse circumstances. This planetary position also promotes inspiration, and actions taken to gain your independence. With Jupiter in the II House of Scorpio, will be a year for growth in topics related to finances, especially everything related to the purchase or rental of real estate, acquisition of personal property, valuable items and antiques; creation of savings funds and new sources of income.

It will be an individual who will help you grow and get out of your comfort zone. With Chiron in the VI House of Scorpio, there may be complexities in the form of psychosomatic illnesses or psychological disorders. The retrogradation of Jupiter begins in the II House of Scorpio on April 10th, indicating that you should meticulously review any strategies you have developed that aim to generate more income. If you want to consult with a business coach, this is the appropriate time. The double Full Moon in Libra, which will take place on April 19th, will touch the XII House of Scorpio, implying hypersensitivity and the need to isolate yourself socially; but to also move on from past situations which do not contribute anything to your present.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th is an invitation to end those habits and behavior patterns that hinder your happiness.

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Avoid confusing nostalgia with desire, love, or need. Given the possibility of trips abroad or outside the area where you normally live, it is recommended to take rigorous preventative measures vaccinations, preparing a first aid kit and prescription drugs. The total eclipse of the Sun in Cancer will touch the IX House of Scorpio on July 2nd, so it is the right moment to channel your intentions towards earning foreign currency, moving your family internationally, finalizing publications and specialized studies. This is a transit that can cause stress and accumulate a lot of tensions.

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These will be motivated by the desire to maintain the illusion of control at all costs. Unions from long ago will be shaken at their foundation, leading to real transformations. The New Moon will appear in Virgo on August 30th, a lunar event that will affect the XI House of Scorpio, giving rise to group projects or projects that will generate a massive impact. The asteroid Eros will enter Scorpio on August 4th which, in addition to being an invitation to rediscover your own inherent sensuality and sexuality, facilitates a therapeutic approach to traumas and taboos.

This is a sign of reconciliation in fraternal relationships siblings, neighbors regarding shared responsibility in past events. The Full Moon in Pisces will touch the V House of Scorpio on September 14th, announcing the culmination of a creative project you have been working on and dedicated a large amount of energy. Mars, ruling planet of the VI House of Scorpio will be under the influence of Virgo, a beneficial position if you want to carefully review your eating habits and physical fitness routines.

From 6th October Saturn entered your sign for a 2 and a half year transit. In this Saturn cycle circumstances will help you learn how to take yourself and your needs more seriously and concentrate your energy consistently into those areas which ultimately lead to a happier, more solvent and settled version of yourself. The astrology Scorpio foretells that this is the time to build the new structures within and without which will form the armature of that better, more comfortable life.

Scorpios born 26th Octth Nov with between. Uranus will be transiting your sector of daily work routines and health for several years. This is an innovative, alternative vibration which means you could discover new approaches and methodologies which are not mainstream but which can enliven and improve these areas. Zodiac predictions for Scorpio zodiac sign suggest that some of you may be working within groups of people interested in the off-beat, alternative side of things.

There may be a connection — minor or major — with aviation, sailing, internet or broadcasting among many other things as Uranus rules air waves. Scorpios born from 26th Oct-5th Nov or with between degrees rising will feel this vibration the most. Bringing, at times, uncertain feelings about where and with whom you belong. Conditions related to family, parents and the home base may have felt confusing.

Scorpio Horoscope 12222: a year in review

You may have had to be available in more selfless ways because it serves the interests of nearest and dearest or others in the community. You may have had to forgo what you would really prefer within family or domestic arrangements over this time. Neptune left here in early and has now come into a great aspect to you Sun sign. Over the year, early Scorpios or Scorpio rising will feel the pull to speculate on an outside chance, take a gamble or use that personal charisma of yours to attract resources or attention or investment.

The Scorpio astrology shows that it could feel like an impossible dream in the beginning but if you make more effort than ever to be realistic and keep at least one foot on the ground then you could be successful.

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  • However remember that if it quacks like a duck it probably is a duck, which is great if you are looking for a duck. It could be that you make your services available to attract interest or funding on behalf of a cause you believe in. You could be facilitating the leisure and entertainment of others. You could have more service-orientated involvement with children, young ones, animals or those who need guidance and watching out for. Surprises pop up in your relationships as the moon opposes Uranus. The moon in Libra clashes with Mercury, finding you discussing intense topics and making decisions about the future.

    The moon enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus and you want to slow down, but some unexpected tasks come up for you to complete. The moon in Libra clashes with Mercury, finding you making an important decision concerning partnership. The moon enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus, bringing surprises to your social life. You're craving more creative freedom!

    Daily Horoscopes: August 6, 12222

    The moon in fellow air sign Libra clashes with Mercury, bringing you a new perspective The moon enters Scorpio and opposes your ruling planet Uranus, finding you in a freedom-seeking mood. The moon in Libra clashes with Mercury, helping you figure out what you want—no small feat for an indecisive fish! The moon enters fellow waters sign Scorpio and opposes Uranus, bringing surprising news your way. The moon in your opposite sign Libra clashes with Mercury, helping you make important decisions in your relationships.

    The moon enters intense water sign Scorpio and opposes Uranus, shaking up your financial situation. A surprising breakthrough or change may arrive! The moon in Libra clashes with Mercury, creating a busy and talkative energy before the moon enters your opposite sign Scorpio and opposes wildcard Uranus, bringing great change to your relationships.