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This could be in the same lifetime, or perhaps several hundred years down the line. It also provides you guidance to resolve past life situations so as to wipe your slate clean and make room for more positive karma in your current lifetime. Moon: The Planet Moon symbolizes the memory of our Karmic Past, detailed analysis of the Moon will clear all your unresolved past issues.

Saturn: In general context the planet Saturn is famous for creating troubles and issues but the Karmic substances says that the planet Saturn judges your Karma and provides fruits accordingly. Rahu : Do you know that planet Rahu is the root cause of Karma and without Rahu one cannot perform Karma internally or externally?

Saturn Retrograde Will Sort Out Karmic Debts

Ketu : You may be aware of the importance of planet Ketu which is called a spiritual planet, it is the planet which guides us about our Karmic Path and makes us follow positive path that leads you towards a beautiful and comfortable life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Retrograde Planets - all planets that appeared to be travelling backwards at our birth also play an important role in shaping our character.

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This explains why and in what areas we tend to overcompensate in our lives. The role of Karma here is to help enlighten us regarding the parts of the personality we try to run and hide from, but like gravity they keep bringing us back. Then we have no choice but to work through the experiences and grow and mature from the people we meet and the situations that are presented to us.

North Nodes & South Nodes: The Astrology of Your Life Purpose and Past Lives

This helps us grow and understand more about our complex soul and its journey of self-discovery. We will be forced to delve deep into the soul and have a really good look into the mirror of our soul so as to absorb energy, which in turn will free us and, inspired by others on their individual journeys, invite us to grow. Joy and the Part of Fortune is the final piece of the puzzle in Karmic Astrology.

This is where we find the highest potential the person can hope to aspire to in this incarnation. This does not mean where we can make the most money or where we can find complete happiness on a superficial level. Some of us go through life as if we have blinkers on. Karmic Astrology has been used for a long time.

This does not give a personality profile nor is it meant to. But if you really are ready to discover what your truly unique purpose for being on earth actually is then you are ready for this type of chart.

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The soul is on a journey made up of different lessons of Karma or Fate or Destiny , so when you are ready to truly discover the real you, then have your Karmic Astrology chart done and discover the real purpose of your existence. If you wonder what your dreams mean, or struggling to come to a decision, then our psychics can help. Tarot card reading is one of the most recognised forms of fortune-telling in the world today. In the religion of the South American Indians it is the residence of ghosts and demons.

Karmic astrology - Wikipedia

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