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Shiva yoga : - One born with this yoga will be fond of visiting pilgrimages, will observe chastity being pure or chaste , will have sons and wealth. They have a true heart and the inborn wisdom in their character and thus gains respect from the society. Siddha yoga : - One born with this yoga will be will be a secret advisor of some sort, skillful in business, good in heart and justly disposed. They worship the related god for this purpose. They have an attractive and an intelligent spouse and will also have enough wealth to live a comfortable life.

Sadhya yoga : One born with this yoga will have various kinds of callings activities , be faithful to his master, highly intelligent and liberal minded. Patience is a special characteristic trait in them and they wait for the fruits of their labor without much worry. They make well-thought decisions. Shubha yoga : - One born with this yoga will be very fortunate, truthful, righteous, bereft of anger, very pure, modest and will be the cause of happiness to others. Natives with this yoga are very beautiful, intelligent and talented.

They have abundant wealth and never face any financial problem throughout the life. They are very generous donators and have deep respect for learned and religious people.

Shukla yoga : - One born with this yoga will be truthful, very intelligent, beautiful handsome , famous and learned in the scriptures and arts. They are very fond of poetry and may become poets themselves. They are very educated people and have a courageous soul. This yoga gives them financial security. Brahma yoga : - One born with this yoga will be agreeable in speech, very strong, devoted to sacred knowledge, or befriend Brahmanas, resolute in his undertakings, pure and valorous.

They gain knowledge from Vedas and Classics from other religions. Besides this they are very proficient in other topics too.

They have deep faith in the Supreme Almighty and possess a pious heart. In fact, they are favorable gurus. Indra yoga : - One born with this yoga will be successful and righteous, excel in all undertakings and be wealthy and famous. These people are very wealthy and have some of the finest personality traits.

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They enjoy their family life to its fullest. But this yoga has a malefic side as it may limit the longevity of the native. Vaidhriti yoga : - inauspicious One born with this yoga will be miserly and very garrulous. For the initial part of his life very fickle minded. He performs the assigned task with a sporty spirit. His nature has some nice qualities. The Yoga makes the person very helpful and generous, but they may not get the credit they deserve for.

Thankyou Best Wishes Vijay Goel askme vijaygoel. Labels: Muhurtha , yogas. Here Table is produced to see the approx transit of Sun. The left ruler is lordship and right is constellation of Sun. This can be used in variety of ways in Nadi and KP astrology. If Mahadasa and Antardasa coincide with its own ruler of Sun than event promised by both can fructify in this 13 days approx period. Similarly the ruler planet of Sun will activate the houses indicated in the Horoscope as per KP astrology.

In this way we can use this table. Combinations of Significators. Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter and Sun. Saturn and Sun. Saturn and Moon. Saturn and Mars. Saturn and Rahu. Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter only. Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Mercury. Mars and Ketu. Mars and Venus. Mars and Sun.

Venus and Sun. Venus and Moon. Venus and Mars. Mercury and Mars. Mercury and Rahu. Mercury and Jupiter. Moon and Jupiter. Moon and Saturn. Moon and Mercury. Sun and Ketu. Sun and Venus.

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Sun only. Mercury and Sun. Mercury and Moon. Venus and Rahu. Venus and Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter. Mars and Saturn. Mars and Mercury. Jupiter and Ketu. Labels: KP astrology , Nadi astrology , Nakshatra. Sunday, November 17, Why 9H is considered for second Marriage. Why 9H is considered for second Marriage? I hope it will help.. Bhagavathi Hariharan In that case, 9H should represent younger sibling of spouse.

Sachin Malhotra It is a very debatable subject as most of the astrologers don't take 9th house for second marriage. They give following reasoning's behind this.. If we take the ninth house for second marriage than how we can describe the qualities or attributes of second wife? Will she be just like the father of native as the 9th house also denote father? In case of children it seems logical that 7th house should be taken for the second child as he or she is the younger one of the first child which comes from the 5th house.

The second child may get the attributes of spouse and likewise the third child may get the attributes of grandparents as it should be seen from the 9th house only. Veejay Goel As soon i will get free, will reply. Harshwardhan K Kulkarni goel ji you hv stated 3rd from 7th why not 7th from 7th. Veejay Goel Just one hypothetical question to Bhagavathi Hariharan Ji and Sachin Malhotra Ji, suppose a person due to demise of his spouse marries elder sibling of the spouse as second marriage.

Than which house you will consider, how you will justify this situaton through houses.. Balram Kumar if we dont consider above Vidit Jain That is why in KP this is very simple. See it from 2nd house The end of 7th house is 8th from it and one end is another beginning Vidit Jain Ok sir bhool gaye.

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Balram Kumar 5th house for progeny and also for grandfather Veejay Goel Therefore both have immense love for each other. Balram Kumar 7th house for spouse and also grandmother Really, in the past there was no concept of divorce. The case of second marriage may be considered from one or many view points. Now, scenario is different. People go for divorce and do one after another marriage. For me the case of more than one marriage seem to be a condition of plurality of sex or relationship or physical union.

I do not discard those views which suggest considering 2nd house or 6th House or 5th House. They may have reasons based on past trends. For understanding the plurality of sex within marriage or out of marriage , the role of Kaam Trikon of House of Union 7H comes in play, if we want to consider house only. However, planet or sign has also role. Secondly, some people believe that third position from a house is the house of plurality of the house.

This concept is employed in assessing Progeny prospect and its plurality in the 7th House and 9th House. He will get a beautiful and virtuous wife.

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His children will obey him and he will get happiness from them. He also likes to perform in war. It is said that a person born in Atigand Yoga causes harm to his family values and respect. His mother also bears problems and difficulties. The person may also become a criminal if he is born during the Gandant Yoga in the Atigand Yoga. Sukarma Yoga A person of Sukarma Yoga is very generous and believes in spirituality. His nature is calm and composed. He has love and affection for all. He is virtuous and gets respect in the society. He lives a luxurious life. Dhriti Yoga A person born in t Dhriti Yoga is very patient and calm in nature.

He is not aggressive and takes wise decisions in life. He is physically fit and lives a healthy life. He is a virtuous and intelligent person. He lives a happy and wealthy life. They take keen interest in mythological studies and are very knowledgeable. They also know how to perform Yajnas.

They are good in money savings. However, they bear problems and pain in life. A native of this yoga faces various difficulties in life. He faces many health related problems. He will also be short in height and have large head. He will be a powerful person. He is also stubborn in nature and sticks to their decisions. He will be rich and virtuous. His son and wife will also be good in nature. He will be enriched with courage and power. He will enjoy all material pleasures in his life.

Dhruv Yoga A person born in Dhruv Yoga will be have a stable mind.

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He completely concentrates on his work. He will be strong and wealthy. He gets love from all and has a long life. Vyaghyat Yoga A person born in Vyaghyat Yoga will be sincere in his work. He will be virtuous. He will get respect and honor in the society. He becomes a renowned personality due to his innate qualities.

Harshan Yoga Harshan Yoga is considered as an auspicious Yoga. A person born in Harshan Yoga will be fortunate. He will have knowledge of different subjects. He will be an expert of Shatras. He sticks to his decisions. He is wealthy and gets respect from famous personalities of the society. He has incredible power in his hands. He is perfect in different kinds of arts and is also an expert in using weapons. Generally he never faces financial loss in his life. He is also very brave and courageous. Siddha Yoga A person born in Siddha Yoga is an all rounder. He is perfect in almost every work.

He performs all his tasks with dedication and sincerity. He has good appearance and enjoys blissful life. He is always ready to help others. He also contributes to charities for poor and helpless. He may face some health related problems and difficulties in his life. As he grows all his sorrows turn into happiness. In adolescence he enjoys a blissful life and gains fame.

Variyan Yoga A person born in Variyan Yoga will have interests in music, dance and different types of arts. He will achieve success if he makes a career in these fields. He will achieve success in scripture arts. He will be strong and powerful. He also sticks to his decisions. Paridh Yoga A person born in Paridh Yoga is intelligent and knowledgeable. He has delicacy in his voice. He makes his family proud, with his good deeds and qualities. Shiv Yoga A person born in Shiv Yoga is intelligent and loves to help others.

He is not self-centered and he abandons his desires for others. He is an honest and kind-hearted person. He gets respect and honor in the society because of his simple nature. Siddha Yoga According to Vedic Astrology, a person born in Siddha Yoga has interests in secret arts and worships them. His wife will also be beautiful and virtuous.