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Horoscope 2018 - Gemini by Virginia Bell

Why you should date your opposite sign Cosmopolitan. Surprising qualities of your zodiac sign that you don't already know PopSugar. Ganesha advises you to check your work twice before submitting. Combust Jupiter in the company of Sun traverses through the 7th House. This may not be a very good sign for maintaining a harmonious home environment.

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Married ones shall avoid getting into a verbal, abusive exchange of words with the partner. Expecting too much from your spouse may only leave you disappointed. Take some time out and iron out the issues for a better marital life. You may feel like being stuck in some kind of a tug-of-war… may be of thoughts or situations. This is mainly due to the ruler of your Sign Moon, which moves through the 4th House and is influenced by wily Saturn and aggressive Mars.

Here, Saturn prompts you to trade cautiously and avoid taking risks. Also, watch your finances before spending unnecessarily. You are now focused on your goal; you may even go out of the way to achieve your objective and fulfil your dreams. Saturn and malefic Ketu moving through the 7th House will keep putting hurdles in your way.

Are Gemini and Sagittarius Compatible in Love?

No major developments are seen on the personal front. Stick to the routine to please your near and dear ones. The week begins on a cheerful note — parties, reunions and socialising are likely to keep you on toes. However, let not all the good times divert you from your objective. As Venus shifts in a watery Sign Scorpio in the 4th House, you will be keen to add comforts to your humble abode and upgrade your lifestyle.

Sun accompanying combust Jupiter in the 5th House shall aid in boosting the memory of students, making it easier for them to learn and understand the subject well. Lovers who are contemplating marriage may have to wait a bit longer until the planets favour the union. Career-oriented shall be upset and uncomfortable with the working culture or surroundings.

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This may affect their performance at this juncture. Without sounding preachy, Ganesha wants to convey that faith in yourself and patience are the keys to solve all the problems.

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  • The week begins on a beneficial note as planetary alignment suggests umpteen opportunities coming your way to make good money. However, with the ruler of your Sign Mercury being in retrogression, things are likely to get delayed. Rather than losing both, hope and temper, try to divert your mind by bonding with near and dear ones.

    An outing on the outskirts of the city or watching a movie together can make you feel relaxed and connected to the family. Towards the weekend, as Mercury becomes direct in motion, it may help to accelerate your pace of work and move rapidly towards the desired goal. The week gives you a chance to follow your passion and indulge in a hobby of your choice. Be it dance, music, art, or writing, it may keep you occupied for most of the time.

    This has a very refreshing effect on your psyche. In turn, it increases your efficiency manifold and you can work with greater zeal now. With creative juices flowing, you shall be able to put in more efforts and ideate better at workplace. With Mercury in retrogression, refrain from taking major decisions related to finance, because it may backfire. Sun moves through the 3rd House, in the company of combust Jupiter. Here, Sun shall work well in enhancing your aura in the social circle. As the week begins, you may become desperate to make it big and reap the benefits of success.

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    As a result, you may feel pressurised and stressed for the same. Basically, you want to satisfy your urge of making huge money and upgrade your lifestyle. This can be attributed to the influence of aggressive Mars over Moon moving through the 12th House. Aggression is good, but channelize it in the right direction, advises Ganesha. Later in the week, Venus moves into your Sign Scorpio, which, eventually works to enhance the acceptance level for you in the social circle. So, enjoy being in the limelight! The energy shifts on December 1, when Mercury backs out of Sagittarius and reenters Scorpio, making communicating with your partners less annoying, but scheduling time to see them more annoying!

    Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will turn your schedule upside down—but this may be a good thing, because you can rearrange your life so that it works better after the retrograde, too. Projects you previously had to put on the back burner will resurface, and even ones you thought you'd completed will reemerge!

    At least some pleasant energy will flow in your day-to-day life and at your job, thanks to Venus entering Scorpio on December 2. Venus in Scorpio will also assist you in editing your wardrobe and beautifying yourself through spa treatments or simply staying hydrated Scorpio is a water sign, Gemini, drink that water! This is a frustrating time, but things will clear up eventually.

    Daily Horoscope Gemini December 8, 2016 ♊️♊️❤️

    Just do your best not to get sucked into paranoid thinking since Neptune is the planet of fantasy and also delusion. Your communication and relationships will get a boost by Mercury reentering Sagittarius on December 12, and mid-month brings a flurry of easygoing planetary connections that will support you, Gemini.