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Not everything needs to be intense or meaningful. Mars is getting hit pretty hard and from super odd angles right now… lucky us! Connect the dots. Figure it out. Find logical solutions. Ok, cool - no prob. What happens when it gets lopped off by cool, discerning Saturn?

What happens when Jupiter's retrograded expansiveness projects feelings of unworthiness or of not being ready? Mars hesitates. And so it begins, the most significant transit of the year imho. Why so important? It is all going to begin with how we relate to one another as Saturn and Venus square off. Our connections, our partnerships, our lovers… are we taking these relationships as the immense learning experiences they could potentially be or are we grasping to try to force something or someone else to change?

Eerily peaceful. I might be able to address them in my next recording sesh Have you ever heard of the significance of degrees? A man talking in his sleep. Going so deep in there, an altered state, that you become karmically thrown into the dilemma of translation between the worlds. Being used by astral forces, and learning to adapt. Indwelling a place reserved for those who are not ready to activate. But, oh, the dreams, the vapors. Longing for connection between the worlds, you may be able to take the underworld route through if disciplined attunement is fostered.

Creative powers are dammed up and filtered through into naive wistfulness. You wait, hope, and are drawn back and back until the inner worlds have been heard and respected and the balance can be restored. Are you in or are you out? Pluto begins his retrograde today and will be doing so for the next five months. This is a critical transit that happens each year and it affords us an opportunity to follow our souls deepest yearnings.

Sometimes you just need to let things die.

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Sometimes you just need to walk away. Other times, you need to jump, head first into the deepest swells of the ocean and let yourself get carried away. Lose control, surrender to the life force that is so mu We are making out way slowly into Cancer Season… i. October Tarot.

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Temperate Star. Scarlet Moon.

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Craig Hamilton-Parker. Tarot Amigo. Irina Dybro Tarot Reading. Katy Tarot. Nearest competitors 90 days ago. Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas. And, accountability should be sought. However, however. And there is much to be said for following the old royal protocol: keep on keeping on, smiling and waving.

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At the time of their wedding I suggested they would have difficulty towing the royal line and instead carve out their own unique marital path. Add to this the composite Moon squaring a rising Saturn-Pluto conjunction and a Moon opposed to Pluto at the time of the wedding, and there is a boatload of controversy to come.

It is an interesting phenomenon that when we marry and become one with another, our individual identity changes. Maybe at the core we are still the person we have always been, but we have acquired another skin. Harry, once the charming, unspoilt darling of the people and the media has become a little pompous.

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