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This shouldn't be as difficult as you fear, especially if you take action sooner rather than later. But whatever you do, don't ignore problems until they reach crisis point.

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Lucky colours are russet and platinum. Someone who you normally consider to be unattractive might suddenly appeal to you, showing a completely new side to their personality. However, you'll have very little patience for anyone you consider to be boring or predictable, so be careful if you're supposed to be polite to them or they're your boss. Lucky colours are red and silver. Lucky numbers are 23 and Tue Oct Iron Out Problems Today is a great opportunity for you to iron out any problems or difficulties that have been bugging you recently, especially if they're connected with a financial matter or a long-term goal.

Work out what the best solution is and then stick to it, even if you can't begin sorting it out straightaway. If you're at work you'll do best if you're working in tandem with someone. Lucky colours are peach and green.

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Lucky numbers are 39 and Is that feasible or do you have to fit your leisure time in around lots of duties and obligations? If you do take life easy, you'll enjoy getting involved in activities that mean a lot to you. Some money or a possession might come your way, courtesy of someone who's older or more influential than you.

Here Are Your Feng Shui Lucky Colors For 12222 According To Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Lucky colours are blue and saffron. Lucky numbers are 11 and Thu Oct Happy Knack You have the happy knack of getting on well with others today, whether you meet them for business or pleasure. You can get them on your side, so you'll have their support and encouragement. Do your best to return the compliment.

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This is just the day for sorting out a financial problem that's been bugging you recently. Talk to someone in authority who can help. Lucky colours are primrose and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 18 and It will be difficult to know who, but you'll get a clue when their story doesn't add up or it doesn't fit your knowledge of the facts. But before you accuse this person of being an out-and-out liar, bear in mind that they might have got confused or may be embroidering the story simply to make it sound better.

Another option is that you've misinterpreted what you've been told and have got the wrong end of the stick. Lucky colours are yellow and gold. Lucky numbers are 25 and Sat Oct Be Honest This is an excellent day for talking about your feelings, but you must be honest about them.

It's no good saying what you think other people want to hear or censoring your thoughts.


You need to speak from the heart in order for the experience to be valuable, although you may feel the need to be tactful in order to protect someone's feelings. After all, there's a difference between being honest and being cruel. Lucky colours are jasmine and agate. Sun Oct Bogged Down It's a difficult day because you feel bogged down. Family expectations of you, domestic commitments or the big pile of bills are getting you down. Whatever's wrong, you're in no mood to simply grin and bear it. Instead, you need to give yourself some breathing space so you can return feeling refreshed and better able to cope.

Lucky colours are apricot and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 40 and Mon Oct Beautiful Pisces In classic Piscean style, you're feeling compassionate and understanding today.

You want to help if you know someone who's having a difficult time, even if all you can do is to listen to them while they pour their heart out to you. In fact, that might be more valuable than giving them some physical or financial assistance at the moment, so don't feel bad if you can only offer a sympathetic ear. Lucky colours are copper and aqua. Tue Oct Going Shopping? If you're going shopping today, take someone with you to keep an eye open.

Even more so if this person is a close partner or a member of the family. You should definitely take someone with you if you're buying items for a home that you share, because it will help to have this person's input, especially if it's combined funds.

Lucky colours are white and grape. Lucky numbers are 18 and 4. Wed Oct Itchy Feet During the coming four weeks you'll have itchy feet. You'll long to do some travelling or have a change of scene. So do it, Fishies. What's stopping you? Even a weekend away will be better than nothing and will give you a new surge of energy. If that isn't possible, how about arranging a trip or holiday that you can take soon, such as over the Christmas break. Lucky colours are blue and red. Lucky numbers are 4 and Thu Oct Great Mood You're in a great mood as the Moon swings through your seventh house, so do things that make you feel good.

Fri Oct Friction If there's a lot of friction between you and a close friend or lover, are you getting on each other's nerves? Or are there problems connected with jealousy and desire to control the relationship. Try not to be the one who's being so heavy-handed because you won't gain anything by it and you might even be the loser. Nevertheless, it will be healthy for you both to say what you think, even if that does mean having a row. It's important to clear the air right now. Lucky colours are turquoise and blackberry.

Lucky numbers are 15 and Sat Oct In the Spotlight You are in the spotlight, so be sure to be on your best behaviour! If you are partying this evening, limit the amount of alcohol you drink. A little might make you charming, but a little too much might find you regretting your actions in the morning. Your partner could be embarrassed and give you an earful!

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Lucky colours are garnet red and golden amber. Lucky numbers are 17 and Sun Oct Cobwebs You have a low boredom threshold at the moment, especially when talking to other people. In fact, you're in a rather unforgiving mood, so you'll lose patience with people if you think they're being tedious or they're telling you stuff that you've heard before. What you need is a change of scene. Even a brisk walk around the block will help to blow away the cobwebs.

Lucky colours are blonde and sapphire. This will be a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizons, whether you do it physically or mentally. You'll also have a strong spirit of adventure that will propel you in new directions and make you want to do something exciting and stimulating with your life.

Pisces Lucky Color

Lucky colours are platinum and cocoa. Tue Oct Intense Emotions You're caught in the grip of intense emotions today and they make you behave out of character. As a result, you might be rather manipulative with a certain person, or you may do your best to order them around and tell them what to do. There's also a chance that you could be strongly attracted to someone because of what they can offer you rather than because you like them as a person. Lucky colours are umber and beige. Lucky numbers are 27 and So how can you make that happen? Scrap your usual routine completely and do something on the spur of the moment, especially if it's a total departure for you.

A change of scene or a different attitude will make a huge difference to your mood and will also make you more receptive to other ways of life. Maybe your life has been too structured recently and it's time to live in more of a free and easy manner?

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