The planet mars in astrology

Rudeness, brutality. Additionally, Mars symbolizes movement, freedom, vitality, masculinity, struggle, action and war. It is the personification of the male, lover, soldier, the pioneer, the captain. Everything that sticks, cuts or penetrates belongs to Mars, syringes, surgical operations, surgeons. Sincere, straightforward, courageous, enterprising, perseverance. The Mars-type is more suitable for practical assignments than for spiritual reflection.

Talent for strategy; dynamic, but he easily dominates other people.

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Very sportive. Incautious, impulsive, indiscreet, reckless, brutal, jealous, rancorous and cynical. A tendency to break, destroy, primitive evil.

Which sign is that planet in right now?

Occupation : all professions associated with action, initiative and a certain risk. Soldier, officer, gunsmith, surgeon, butcher, demolisher, whitesmith, mechanic. But also: explorer, fireman, athlete. M ars is the fourth planet in order from the Sun in our Solar System. It takes the planet close to two years days to complete its journey around the Sun. M ars is the energy principle in the horoscope.

Mars Significators:

This planet rules our initiative, drives and action. Mars, planet of aggression, action and sex. Mars is considered the ruler of Aries, and the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Its natural houses are the 1st house and the 8th house, respectively. In the astrological chart, Mars is considered a personal planet, reflecting basic psychological functions in the personality.

Notable astronomical characteristics The red planet gets its color from iron oxides covering its surface. Mars bears the deepest known canyon and the highest known mountain in the solar system. Mars knows the largest sand storms as well, sometimes covering the entire planet! Astrological qualities Mars is super-personal in that it is fundamentally concerned with itself, its own preservation and perpetuation procreation.

It is proto-whole in that it is the function that enables the self to exist as a separate whole. Mars is the son of the moon as it is instinct beyond conscious will and thus more closely related to the moon than to the sun contrasted with Venus. Fundamentally, Mars is the competitive drives in the personality, the desire to advance oneself in a competitive world. It complements VenusSymbol of Venus, which brings in the attachment principle. Without Mars, Venus will stay on a superficial level. It is lust as the desire to mate with another, and envy as when its competitive drives seem thwarted.

Certainly, it is the libido in its broader sense — it is the motivational force and the more intensive drives of the personality, as well as the root of all passions. Similar to Venus, it is actually superfluous to the basic personality, and can push the person to excessive expressions of self-worth through sexual value. But understanding the planets will help you make so much more sense of things like your sun and moon signs , and you'll have a clue in the next time someone's ranting about Mercury going retrograde again, or their Venus placement ruining their love life.

You're probably already familiar with the planets of ye old solar system shout out to elementary school science teachers around the world , but have a seat back at your desk, because planets in astrology are going to differ a lil' bit from what you learned via Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Firstly, in astrology, the sun and the moon are both considered planets.

Mars in Astrology

While they may not be planets in the astronomical sense, they are vitally important celestial bodies to all of us Earth dwellers, and therefore considered planets as far as astrology goes. Also, in astrology, Pluto is still a planet.

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  • While astronomers may have demoted it to a mere dwarf planet a few years back, in astrology land its still a full-fledged planet — and it's just as powerful. Lastly, scratch the Earth from the list of planets in astrology — I mean, it's important, but we also live on it, so from our Earthly vantage point it's not moving through the sky in the same way as the other celestial objects.

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    • All in all, that makes for 10 major planets. In astrology, each of the planets represent a different set of qualities and characteristics, and rule over a different part of our lives — each bringing with them their own unique vibes. And when someone refers to a planet as "benefic," it refers to their association with bringing really good vibes Jupiter and Venus are known as benefics.

      Conversely, "malefic" planets, such as Saturn and Mars, are known for having tougher, more destructive energy although we love 'em and need 'em nonetheless! In order to know how the planets affect us , well, that all depends on where they're located. Planets travel through different signs, and their energy plays out differently depending on where they're at.

      If you want to know where your natal planets are, you'll have to check out your birth chart you can draw yours up online if you have your exact birth time, or consult a profesh astrologer to help. Your birth chart is made up of twelve astrological houses , as well as twelve zodiac signs that overlap with said houses. But within all these signs and houses are planets. So planets themselves don't cause anything — it's more about where they're placed and how they interact with other aspects of your chart.

      Bustle also spoke with astrologers Lisa Stardust and Caitlin McGarry to weigh in with some additional planetary insights to help you make sense of this big, bad astrological solar system. Let's take a quick trip through the galaxy and get to know each of the major players.

      Planet Mars in Astrology, and What it really means, Secret of Horoscpe

      The sun is the center of our universe. It's what colors the world around us, the star that we revolve around and that gives us life. That's part of why our sun signs are such an integral part of our astrology and who we are! The sun is the driving force behind who we are at our core, and it's said that people who can embrace their sun placement tend to feel happier and more fulfilled.

      Let the sun shine down, y'all. Planet of: emotions; instincts; feminine energy; security; all the emo poetry you wrote in your journal in high school. The gentle, emtotion-driven moon is totally our astro mom I know I'm a crazy lil' witch and all, but I literally greet the moon with a "Hi, mom! Planet of: communication; expression; reason; intellect; your ability to carry on six different coherent conversations at once.

      Planet Mars In Astrology

      You probably know this planet more for its infamous retrograde periods than anything else, but actually, when it's not turning everything in your life upside, this quick-witted master of communication is really cool. Mercury is known as the messenger of the gods, so it makes sense that communication, information sharing, and traveling is its jam.

      Ah, lovely Venus, planet of all things flowery and sensual and heart-flutteringly delicious. Named after the goddess of love herself, Venus loves to love, and to be immersed in the aestheticism and beauty of the world.